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Levlen - synthetic contraceptive with expressed anti-estrogenic and progestin properties. Active ingredient - levonorgestrel. Application of Levlen suppresses ovulation and fertilization when the sexual intercourse has happened at pre-ovulatory phase, characterized by highest fertilization's probability. Levonorgestrel also induces alteration (in the endometrium), which prevent implantation.

Indications for use:
Urgent (postcoital) contraception (after an unprotected sexual contact or unreliability of used contraceptive method).

Instructions for use:
Levlen is taken perorally. 2 tablets of Levlen are recommended after undefended intercourse and are appointed within 72 hours. The time between first and second reception of these two Levlen's tablets shouldn't prevail 16 hours. If vomiting has happened within 3 hours after Levlen's reception, it's necessary reception of one more tablet. Application of Levlen is possible at any day of menstrual cycle. The pregnancy's possibility (in irregular menstrual cycle) before taking Levlen have need to be excluded. After Levlen's reception and before the future menstrual period it's advisable use of local barrier contraceptives. It's not recommended to repeate Levlen's reception in case of undefended contact during a menstrual cycle, as there the frequency of of acyclic bleeding is increasing.